Barista Blends

barista blends bags on countertop
Barista Blends

If you love the rich and wonderful array of coffee drinks served at your favorite coffee house, you’ll love this coffee collection. EOC Barista Blends help make your house the coffee house!

Espresso Gold

Full disclosure: there’s no real gold in this bag of coffee beans (but you knew that). That being said, our master blenders did strike metaphorical gold with this coffee. How? They balanced the bitter notes of a traditional espresso to land on a brew with a smooth and rewardingly sweet caramel finish. Its full-bodied character earns 24 karat status with every sip. Comes in whole bean and ground coffee.

Caramel Latte

Who doesn’t love the sweet taste of caramel? Or a rich latte, for that matter.  When you combine the two, you may encounter perfection. Our brilliant roasters came up with a terrific flavor combination that will truly delight and surprise you with its sublime taste and aroma. You will want a second cup for sure.

Black and Tan

First thing’s first: this recipe is top secret. What we can tell you is that our Black and Tan recipe has a special spin on it. The result? A complex yet perfectly balanced taste unlike any other, with subtle spice and bittersweet chocolate notes.

Also available in single serve.

Mocha Macchiato

If you’re stopping by the coffee place everyday for a café mocha macchiato, we can save you some time and money. Our Arabica  coffee is lovingly selected, and artfully blends a medium-bodied espresso roast with nuances of rich which chocolate.

Also available in single serve.

Caffè Americano

G.I. Joe. It’s rumored that World War II American G.I.s stationed in Italy would spike the local espresso with a little water to recreate the coffee taste back home. Our uniquely American blend earns its stripes with a rich, smooth taste and the flavor of espresso’s “crema” on top.

Also available in single serve.

Red Eye Roast

Our Red Eye Roast coffee is based on a traditional recipe from specialty coffee shops, combining 100% Arabica drip coffee with a booster shot of espresso. Our bold blend combines Ethiopian and Brazilian beans roasted to deep, smoky espresso perfection.


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