Flavors of America

Flavors of America

America is 50 states - all united, each unique. And each with a "flavor" distinctly its own. Our Master blenders celebrate this variety with our new coffee collection! Try one of our star-spangled creations today. It's like discovering America all over again.

California Toasted Almond

Get totally stoked over this toasty, roasty, left-coasty taste of this laid-back brew. Infused with the classic taste of toasted almonds, our Arabica beans are medium roasted and precision-ground to the perfect consistency for filter drip brewing. What comes out is a sweet and nutty almond flavor, inspired by the great Golden State.

Florida Berry Shortcake

Craving that sweet summertime favorite dessert? Well, now you can enjoy it any time! Florida ‘Berry Shortcake pairs the lovely essence of sweet strawberries with the moist decadence of shortcake to create a guilt-free treat. For an even sweeter surprise, pour it over ice and enjoy the great tasting flavor you’ll love berry much.

Florida Caramel Flan

The trick to a great flan de leche begins with the “caramelo” — sugar heated slowly over a steady flame until it reaches the right amber hue without becoming bitter. Our master blenders have saved you the trouble by combining Arabica coffee beans with exquisite flan flavors that bring out notes of vanilla bean, cinnamon and caramel. Flan-tastic!

Hawaii Coconut Cream

Did you know that “aloha” means more than “hello” or “good-bye?” In Hawaii, aloha expresses a way of life, part of which is to give without being asked. No one asked us for this delicious combination of coconut and cream flavors with our premium Arabica coffee. We just went ahead and did it, because we think you’ll adore its rich coconut cream flavor. Aloha!

Maine Blueberry Crisp

Why coffee with a Maine theme? Because blueberries are yummy. And a major Maine cash crop is blueberries. Some would call it kismet. Our master blenders deftly combined the wholesome goodness of blueberries with our premium Arabica beans, and the results are wonderful. Come on—you know you want to try it.

Michigan Cherry Pie

In Michigan, cherries are a big deal. So big, in fact, that the state hosts the National Cherry Festival. As a tribute to that love, we got creative and blended a coffee inspired by the taste of cherry pie. How did we do it? Well…you really need to taste it to get it. It’s cherry pie, except it’s brewed, not baked.

Texas Pecan Praline

You can take the Texan out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of the Texan. In fact, when they’re out of Texas, Texans sure do miss their pecan pralines. We bet homesick Texans and non-Texans alike will love this delicious Arabica-and-buttery-pecan treat.

Vermont Maple Bourbon

Most people know Vermont for their maple syrup. But did you know they’re famous for bourbon, too? Our unique Vermont Maple Bourbon coffee combines 100% Arabica beans with the sweet, robust flavors of maple, caramel and bourbon.

All-American Smores

“How,” you may wonder, “do they get s’mores into coffee?” American know-how is how. Our creative blenders have combined the delicious flavors of graham, marshmallow, and chocolate with rich, premium Arabica beans. This fun-loving flavor will have you singing campfire songs and clamoring for s’more!

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